15 Apr


After a term of trying and facing some ‘obstacles’ I have decided that I am pressing ahead with introducing new tools to my teaching and tomorrow I’m going to try Socrative for the first time with my Year 9 GCSE ICT group. It’s incredibly easy to use and what is fantastic is the students don’t have to log in – they just need the room number of the teacher and the activity is set up straight way, they enter their name and commence. I’ve been wanting to use it for some time and think it has huge potential but of course would be better if the school had wireless or a BYOD policy in place. We have neither. Luckily I can use it in the computer suites so intend to fully explore the benefits before potentially using this as part of my crusade to get wireless installed, a BYOD policy and even a tablet programme!

Today I have set up a simple 7 question Database basics quiz in Socrative that is multiple choice and self marking. I have switched off the instant feedback feature so they know which they’ve got right/wrong so we can feedback as a class.

I’m really keen to use the exit ticket next. I want to get this fully embedded in my teaching before pushing it out to other staff.

Bee Bot app

15 Apr

A colleague of mine recently told me to get blogging about it when I was raving about an app I’d downloaded for my 5 year old son – BeeBot. I’d managed to get him using it properly and really enjoying it within just a couple of minutes. It was brilliant. It is so easy to use and he loved the challenge of trying to work out the necessary instructions as quickly as possible to beat his previous time. I am going to be contacting his school to ask if they have yet invested in a BeeBot to introduce simple programming.

What really worked well was getting him to write down the instructions before he tried them – practising his writing skills at the same time!

 The interface of the Bee Bot app - very clear controls and simple to use

Bee-Bot App Prototype from Stripey Design on Vimeo.

Here goes – my first blog

15 Apr

I’m a bit behind with the blogging thing given that I am keen educational technologist – or to put it more simply a teacher of computing technology or ICT with a very geeky enthusiasm for increasing the use of technology in education – getting the tech into the ed. Please bare with me whilst I get my head around recording my sometimes very random thoughts and ideas!


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